How wonderful is it when anyone or anything makes your life a little easier as a person, an adult, or most importantly…a MOTHER!!  That led me to come up with the following list.  Now I know 16 sounds a little long (But whom am I kidding??  If you know me at all you know I have short ummm, pretty much nothing), but actually my original list had 21 things at first and I shortened it because I made the rest into another different list (for another entry to come very soon).


 So here we go, 


 (this list is in no particular order)

1 – A Dishwasher.  Need a say more here?  What family can live without it??  Even before I had a child I couldn’t live without it.  Ours was broken for weeks earlier this summer, and it made me appreciate my beloved dishwasher so much more than I ever did!!!  Juliette also now shares in my love for this machine; she helps me unload it now whenever it is clean…I LOVE YOU DISHWASHER!!!

2 – Baths. (For Mommy) Ahhhh baths, how can any woman in her right mind not love to take one?  What’s better than a bath?  A hot tub, perhaps??  Until we get one of those though, after a long, hard day or running around with your little one(s) (once they are finally in bed or you have some downtime) it’s such a wonderful relaxing thing to lie down in a nice, hot bubble bath!!  I think I am going to start running the water right now!

3 – Household Paper Products.  “HI MY NAME IS JESS AND I AM A Paper Towel-aholic.”  Paper Towels are just one of the best inventions to clean, dry, and do all many things in between.  I must add that I WILL ONLY use the PICK-A-SIZE ones now too.  I find them much more economical, when I recently mistakenly bought the regular sized ones I felt like I was wasting so much, I just couldn’t stand it!  I even use paper towels as apposed to baby wipes (see PAPER PLATES ARE THE BEST TOO!  Not only do I use paper plates as well just an actual plate, but I use them as an occasional cutting boards, what I put underneath frozen food to defrost, Juliette’s many snacks throughout the day, etc.  Napkins, tissues and toilet paper are, of course, lovely things we cannot do without either for numerous reasons, many of which actually and funnily enough have to do with our bodily functions. If you didn’t get it already, I will write it again, I LOVE PAPER PRODUCTS!!!  And yes, I do recycle!!!

4 – My Mom.  Now in all fairness I have an awesome mom.  She is now known as “Mammie” by Juliette (sounds like “Grammy”) and she has been there from the very moment Juliette was born and is still is whenever I need her…no questions asked, and did I mention I live in New Jersey and she lives in Connecticut??  No great distance shall overcome how much I love my Mom, and how I appreciate her more now than ever before!  LOVE and APPRECIATE your Mom too, because chances are you will need always her, especially once you have kids!!!

5 – Other family members.  Juliette also has quite a few other beloved family members on both my own and my husband’s side of the family.  These people can be very helpful and it’s also cute to see your child play with them and the different games, activities, ideas, etc. that they help bring to the table.  Above all, it’s important for your child to be loved by their immediate family, but being loved by their relatives is a wonderful enrichment to add to their lives as well.

6 – Babysitter.  If you don’t have one, my advice is to get one!!!  We didn’t seem to need one until Juliette was about 18 months old and it was getting harder to ask family on the fly if we needed them in a pinch, they have lives too after all.  Plus, it’s good for you child to get to know other people outside of the family.  Also, since you are paying this person (which yes, is hard to do at times) you expect them to do a great job, and my experience so far this remains true.

7 – Children’s Toys.  Some of the first favorite toys your child ever has and gets attached to you will always remember fondly.  These special toys not only helped them learn, but it also helped to occupy them and teach them, making your life much easier in the process.  There are so many toys out there, so explore them all and let your child try all that they can; they will find the ones they like most.  Just be very careful not to lose their favorite one, because if you do you will literally never hear the end of it and then you will do anything you can to find a replacement.


8 – Books.  My daughter loves books, she loves being read them, pretending to read them herself, pointing out the things she likes, turning the pages (sometimes ripping the pages, we are working on that).  It’s also very interesting to see what they are introduced to from books and what they tend to gravitate more toward than something else.  For instance, my daughter currently loves this one book entitled “Mama, Do You Love Me?”  Granted I could recite this book word for word, and now so can she!  Certain books will be read so often it shows you how great your child’s memory is becoming.  Its just adorable to see them come alive when they hear certain words, it makes it all worthwhile and intern, your job a little easier.

9 – Television.  I will fully admit I am NOT one of those Moms who waited until their child was 2 years old to watch TV.  At around 6 months old Juliette became attached to a furry little red Muppet called “Elmo.”  So around that time I sat her in her little Bumbo seat quite away from the television during the last 20 minutes of Sesame Street to a segment called “Elmo’s World.”  She was hooked!  Now that she actually is 2 years old, I’ll admit I do feel a little bit better about her watching it. I will say though that I ONLY let Juliette watch “learning shows” a.k.a. PBS (and a few shows on Disney Jr.).  The only movie she likes is “Finding Nemo,” and I believe that is also a “learning film.”  I do monitor how much TV she watches per day and try not to let it go over 2 hours, sometimes it is more though, and on our busy days she sometimes watches barely any TV at all.  It can be both a calming mechanism when you are out and they are having a rough time (thanks Netflix and YouTube app on my phone) and it can be a bit of a help for them to watch a show while you are barely up in the morning or trying to make dinner in the evening.  My daughter has actually learned things from TV too, more than just who the characters are too.  For example, Juliette loves letters, I taught her all of her uppercase letters in order and how to identify them, and she loves to recite the alphabet.  I did not teach her the lowercase alphabet yet, however, she seems to know many of them…HOW???  SUPER WHY, that’s how.  “Super Why” is a great little cartoon where the characters dive into storybooks and learn how to solve a problem through reading and letters, etc.  Additionally, having Mommy’s own favorite TV shows can help during downtime too.  I know that I love to get lost in one of the top shows on my DVR.

10 – Music.  You know how your favorite song can just instantly put you in a better mood?  Guess what?  Your child’s favorite song has the same effect on them.  Yes, I know some children’s music is kind of lame and repetitive, but it can really help with long car rides, tantrums, learning, dancing, cheering them up, naptime, and many things in between.

11 – Mommy friends.  Having fellow Mom friends is a must have for chatting, advice, venting, and most importantly, understanding.  Other people can listen, but moms have been down the same road and can really understand what you are going through, the good, the bad, the ugly and everything in between.

12 – Daddy.  My husband is becoming more and more of a wonderful father as each day passes.  He was a bit of a nervous Daddy as first (what parent isn’t nervous at first?), but he is now truly hitting his stride.  Daddies are great because they do different things than Mommy does.  Juliette looks forward to Daddy coming home everyday and has her special daddy things she does with him.  Daddies are especially great for Mommies too, because not only do they give you a break, but also they are there for support and love you on those days where you feel like no one else does.


13 – Cleansing wipes.  I love Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, Wet Ones, baby wipes, pacifier wipes, face wipes, antibacterial wipes and really any type of wipes.  They help keep you, your house and most importantly you child clean, in an instant!!!  I cannot express to how much they have changed my life for the better. #wipeaddict

14 – Swiffer.  I would gladly become the spokesperson for Swiffer with no payment, just purely for my love of their company.  They can clean the floor, dust the floor, dust your furniture, and also cleanse all of the above.  Everything they use is disposable and just wonderful.  Thank you Swiffer for making my life better and easier!!

15 – Alcohol.  Yes, I have no shame.  However, obviously I don’t get drunk while watching my child, I am NOT that mom, lol.  But what is more satisfying than a glass of wine or two at the end of the day?  Going out and having some drinks on a date night with your hubby or some friends is a wonderful thing too, while your child is blissfully sleeping at home under the supervision of a family member or babysitter.  Be careful not to overdue it with the alcohol though as you have children and get older.  Not that 32 years old is old, but trust me you will pay for it the next day running around after your little one with the what feels like the worst punishment/hangover of your life for having one drink too many.  Know your limits with the alcohol, and be responsible, after all you have to lead by example with children at all times!

16 – NAPS!!! (for your child)  I think sometimes while Juliette is napping I truly could rule the world!  I get so much done during those two hours that I don’t know what I would do without them.  You can get certain things done while your children are awake, but when they are small and curious it’s a lot easier to get the larger things done or the things that require you to leave the room when they are not there.  You can do so many things uninterrupted like cleaning, laundry, showers, reading, writing, and on those days when you are just too tired to do anything else you can actually nap too, if you are able to.  I was easily able to nap when Juliette first came into our world because any new mom will tell you how exhausted they are.  I am going to try to keep naps for as long as I possibly can with my daughter because on the day they go, I will be going into mourning.


So there it is, the list I could NOT do without, now that I am a Mommy.  As I already stated, I did have a few more, but I narrowed it down for the readers’ sake.


Anything you want to add???  Leave your comments below…   Thanks ~J